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The Caves of Zeus - Lasithi Plateau

Have you heard about the impressive cave of Zeus? Zeus is the God of Hospitality, Philoxenia as we call it in Greece. This is called Diktaean Cave, located above the village Psychro in Lassithi Plateau at an altitude of 1025 meters. Plateau of Lasithi is a valley which is situated on top of the mountain Diktaio. This is where you will find old windmills, small picturesque villages and great landscapes. The cave features an area of 2200 square meters, it is illuminated properly. Additionally, its paths stretch over a surface of 250 meters. In Cretan mythology three heroines are closely linked to Minos: Pasiphae, Ariadne and Phaedra. Many archaeologists believe that Ariadne is closest to the deity of the cave and her lover, Dionysus. Most researchers identify the cave of Psychro as the mythical Dictaean Cave, as reported by Hesiod. Zeus was born and raised here, with the help of the Nymphs and the Kouretes. For this reason, this also called the “Bethlehem of the Ancient World”.